agents is an array of configurations for “agents”. This means that you can define, and later reference, multiple distinct agents in this single config file. An “agent” has a name, ID, public address and is defined by a private key that resides in a file on their device.

Required: agents is a required property in the config file. It is the ONLY required property.


id: string

Give an ID of your choice to the agent

name: string

Give a name of your choice to the agent

public_address: string

A public address for the agent. Run hc keygen and copy the public address to this value

keystore_file: string

Path to the keystore file for this agent. Copy the path from when you ran hc keygen into this value.


id = "test_agent2"
name = "HoloTester2"
public_address = "HcSCJts3fQ6Y4c4xr795Zj6inhTjecrfrsSFOrU9Jmnhnj5bdoXkoPSJivrm3wi"
keystore_file = "/org.holochain.holochain/keys/HcSCJts3fQ6Y4c4xr795Zj6inhTjecrfrsSFOrU9Jmnhnj5bdoXkoPSJivrm3wi"

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