network is a table for the configuration of how networking should behave in the Conductor. The Conductor currently uses mock networking by default. To network with other nodes Holochain will automatically setup the n3h networking component. How n3h behaves can be configured with the following properties in a Conductor configuration file.



n3h_persistence_path: string

Absolute path to the directory that n3h uses to store persisted data. Each Conductor should have a separate folder that n3h_persistence_path should be set to, because each should be assigned a custom network ID which will be persisted within that folder, thus they need to be distinct.

bootstrap_nodes: array of string Optional

List of URIs that point to other nodes to bootstrap p2p connections.

n3h_log_level: char

Set the logging level used globally by N3H. Must be one of the following: ‘t’, ‘d’, ‘i’, ‘w’, ‘e’ Each value corresponding to the industry standard log level: Trace, Debug, Info, Warning, Error.

n3h_ipc_uri: string Optional

URI pointing to an n3h process that is already running and not managed by this Conductor. If this is set the Conductor does not spawn n3h itself and ignores the path configs above. Default is this value is empty.


type = "n3h"
n3h_persistence_path = "./c1_network_files"
bootstrap_nodes = []

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