Who is Holochain For?

Holochain is a smart choice if:

  • Your application needs to be accessible despite unreliable network conditions or total loss of connectivity.
  • You want adaptive security that minimizes the impact of data breaches and automatically responds to attacks.
  • You want to see your application scale automatically and cheaply with user adoption.
  • You want to meet strong privacy requirements (e.g., GDPR and HIPAA) without much hassle.
  • You want to respect the privacy and agency of your users.
  • You want to equip your user communities to own their infrastructure—without having to become system admins.
  • You’re exploring more ethical business models and want technology that makes it affordable to embody your values.
  • You’re ready to trade some control for technology that puts your users first.
  • You’ve tried blockchain, but found it slow, expensive, and hard to tweak for your governance and permissioning needs.

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